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Starlite Garden & Patio Torche Company supplies E-commerce businesses and retailers with high quality outdoor lighting products. We only use the best materials and have designed our products to last for years. Starlite began its product line in 1999 with our die cast aluminum torches which are powder coated in six colors. We have over the years added sconces and tabletops to this popular product line. In 2007, we introduced our die cast solar lanterns and then added a complete line of torches made from copper and nickel in 2008.

Starlite Garden & Patio Torche was established in 1999 and through the years has expanded its customer base. In 2005, we moved the company to a larger warehouse in Indianapolis, Indiana, which is more strategically located for quicker shipping to all points of the United States. We have extensive knowledge in the field of order fulfillment and drop shipping. Complete integrated solutions are provided to our E-commerce customers that include same day shipping with any order submitted before 2pm.

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